*Fenelton Firearms Club 2019*


The Club runs from July 20th through November 30th. The cost is $5 per week and the total cost is $100. $5 per week x 20 weeks=$100.00  Each club membership paid to date is eligible to win the weekly prizes drawn. The entire $100 will be returned to the customers in the form of store credit once the club ends. Customers paid in full may use their store credit beginning on October 15th. Your club membership must be current to be eligible for the drawing that week, but if you fall behind you can always catch up without a penalty. The weekly drawings will be held on Saturday afternoons with at least one club member present. The winners will be posted in the store as well as on our website. You may purchase more than one membership, this increases your odds of winning a prize. There will be an extra raffle for any club member paid in full by July 20th.                 


  • Prizes are subject to all applicable local, state, and federal laws.
  • Winners are responsible for all PA sales tax on the item they won, as well as transfer fee for firearms.
  • You may not use your club credit to pay for another years club.
  • There is no cash value for your club credit, it is valid only for store credit.
  • The store credit is for Fenelton Firearms Inc. ONLY, not for the Range at Fenelton Firearms.
  • Club fees paid with credit/debit cards will incur a $1.50 or 5% credit card processing fee, whichever is greater.
  • Prizes won may be exchanged for store credit based on the Wholesale cost of the prize won.
  • You may win more than once with the same club membership, all winners names go back into the drawing.
  • We will have special pricing and deals available to club members throughout the duration of the club.



Early bird drawing for members paid in full by July 20th- 1 year range membership to the Range at Fenelton Firearms Inc. - 1 winner drawn on July 20th.

     Winner: Matt Yingling

July 20th- Wicked Ridge Black Ranger crossbow package- 1 winner

     Winner: Chris Rodgers

July 27th- 1 box of Hornady American Whitetail 30-30 ammo- 5 winners

     Winners: John Lewis, Jeff Fleeger, Ron Petras, Adam Lorenz, Barry Johnson

August 3rd- Ruger EC9s 9mm- 1 winner

     Winner: Jamie Gloeckner

August 10th- 1 lb. Bullz-I exploding target- 10 winners

     Winners: Steve McChesney, Matt Yingling, Zach Myers, Rich Giallombardo, Barry Johnson, Rob Ekas, Jim Spohn, George Wick, Justin Fresh, Lance Bonnet

August 17th- Marlin Model 60 .22lr.- 1 winner

     Winner: Neil Cooper

 August 24th- 1 month range membership to the Range at Fenelton Firearms- 5 winners

     Winners: Jason Sims, Todd Green, Alex Rauschenberger, George Wick, Craig Beunier

August 31st- Taurus G2C 9mm- 1 winner

     Winner: Chris Johns

September 7th- One 500 round brick of Remington Thunderbolt .22LR- 4 winners

     Winner: Justin Fresh, Tracy Shimko, Luke Plugh, Jay Szymanski

September 14th- H&R Pardner pump 12ga.- 1 winner

     Winner: Rick Trimbur 

September 21st- Vortex hat- 10 winners

     Winners: Robert Shimko, John Lewis, Richard Giallombardo, Janelle Sanders, Robert Newton, Merele Smith, Christopher Rodgers, Jim Hutchison, Justin Fresh,                                            and Bill Corbett

September 28th- Heritage Rough Rider .22lr.-1 winner

     Winner: Shane Wick

October 5th- Vortex Crossfire II 3-9x40 scope- 1 winner

     Winner: Brandon Rozell

October 12th- Henry H001 .22lr.- 1 winner

     Winner: Drew Weleski

October 19th- 1 Month Range Membership to the Range at Fenelton Firearms- 5 winners

     Winners: Bill Corbett, Greg Claypoole, Craig Beunier, Merle Smith, and Brandon Smith

October 26th- Rem Oil- 8 winners

     Winners: Jim Plunkard, Morgan Gilliland, Adam Lorenz, Brian Claypoole, Daniel Graham, Robert Ekas Jr., Jeff Fleeger, and Joe Rhyshek

November 2nd- Smith and Wesson M&P Shield 9mm- 1 winner

     Winner: Jenna Johns

November 9th- Magpul Gen2 30 rd. PMag-10 winners

     Winners: Zach Myers, Tracy Shimko, Benjamin Wolfe, Diane McCrea, Jenna Johns, Paul Schaffer, Jacob Jones, Ed Bella, Bill Corbett, and Debi Spohn

November 16th- $25 Fenelton Firearms gift card- 4 winners

     Winners: Hugh Morgan, John Armagost, Amanda Harkless, and Joe Rhyshek

November 23rd- TC Compass choice of cal.- 1 winner

     Winner: Debi Spohn

November 30th- Springfield Defender 1911 .45 acp. And 1 year range membership to the Range at Fenelton Firearms!!!

     Winner: John Armagost